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Renee Rapp Brilliantly Trolls Sex Lives of College Girls Fans About Show's Fate Amid HBO Max Uncertainty


Already renewed for a second season, nothing is certain at Warner Bros. Discovery after the already-completed "Batgirl" was shelved indefinitely and there are reports of major cuts coming to HBO Max.

With all the huge questions marks and perplexing news coming out of Warner Bros. Discovery post-merger about HBO Max, fans are more confused than ever about what it means for their favorite shows and films.

First came reports that six Max Original films had quietly been pulled from the service, along with shows from TNT and TBS, which are owned by parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.

Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Reacts to WB Indefinitely Shelving Finished Film

Then, out of nowhere, it was announced that the basically-finished "Batgirl" movie starring Leslie Grace was not only going to not be released on HBO Max, but it wasn't going to be released at all. This despite a nearly $90 million price tag already (the film was reportedly in post-production).

Now comes a report from TheWrap that the newly-merged company is looking to possibly slash as much as 70 percent of the workforce over at the popular streamer amid rumors of a merging of HBO Max and Discovery+.

What that means for all of those critically-acclaimed and popular HBO Max series remains a huge unknown with hopes that Thursday's earnings call with the second-largest media company might offer some clarity.

For now, though, with the company clearly willing to put a nearly-finished big-budget film on the shelf forever, nothing is certain anymore. That means that even a favorite show that's already been renewed might suddenly find itself unrenewed.

Enter "The Secret Lives of College GIrls" star Reneé Rapp, who brilliantly leaned into the uncertainty that has dominated this whole week to give fans of the popular coming-of-age comedy-drama a whole heart attack about the fate of the show. The show has already been picked up for a second season, but does that still mean anything?

"Guys, I'm so sad to tell you, I'm so sad to tell you-- I'm just letting everyone know the fate of 'The Sex Lives of College Girls,'" Rapp said earnestly into the camera in a new video posted to her TikTok.

Selena Gomez Promotes Body Positivity in TikTok Video: 'I'm Not Sucking S--- In'

But then came the twist. She went on to say with an almost tearful break in her voice, "If you don't stream "In the Kitchen" five times by the end of this hour, it will get canceled."

"In the Kitchen" is, of course, Rapp's latest single. The music video was just released on July 21, so it would make sense that she's out here promoting it. But we have to give props for this hilariously subversive way to do it, while also helping fans deal with their anxiety about the show.

Unfortunately, at this time, it appears that even Rapp doesn't know for sure what's going on with her show. When a fan commented to her TIkTok telling her that she had them legitimately worried that the show was getting canceled, Rapp replied, "I like to cope with sadness by making jokes."

The management team of Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to give their first quarterly report since the merger after the market closes on Thursday. It's unclear how much clarity they'll provide as to their HBO Max strategy, but you can bet fans of "The Sex Lives of College Girls" and all of the streamer's popular programming will be paying attention.

In the meantime, fans can always watch Rapp's music video for "In the Kitchen" below. It's what she would want!

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