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Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Video Suggesting Kris Jenner Released Taylor Swift's Private Jet Data



Khloe Kardashian has reacted to a video that jokingly claimed her mom Kris Jenner was behind the report regarding Taylor Swift's private jet data.

Last week, the pop star found herself atop UK marketing firm Yard's now-viral list of celebrities who've left the biggest carbon footprint in the first half of this year, as covered by Rolling Stone. Their metric appeared to be almost exclusively the use of private jets. And according to the study, TSwift flew more than anyone else.

In the wake of the report, many people took to social media to share their reactions, including a Kardashian fan TikTok account Kardashian Viral who shared a hilarious video of Kris, jokingly accusing the momager of leaking Swift's private jet usage.

In the clip, the question "who leaked that Taylor Swift's private jet took 170 flights this year?" was put over the video, which featured someone off-camera asking Kris: "So, who are you?," to which she replied, "Kris f---ing Jenner."

The Kardshians Instagram fan account @KardashianSocial reposted the TikTok video -- and Khloe herself took notice and "liked" the funny post. And fans were loving that Khloe weighed in.

"NOT KHLOE LIKING THIS POSTđź’€," a fan commented, while another added, "Not khloe liking this omfg."

Another user quipped of the video, "LMFAOOOOOOO this reminds me of that meme that said the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder."

While it's unclear exactly why the creator of the video decided to throw Kris into the conversation, it's worth noting that Kim Kardashian infamously had beef with Swift in the past. The drama, of course, began back in 2016 over lyrics in Kim's now-ex-husband Kanye West's song, "Famous."

The feud went on for years, with both Kim and Taylor throwing jabs online or alluding to the drama in interviews. However, last year, while appearing on an episode of the "Honestly with Bari Weiss" podcast, Kim praised the singer, saying she "really like[s] a lot of her songs."

Meanwhile, in the Yard private jet study, Swift's plane was listed as flying 170 times between January 1 and July 19 of this year with a combined total of nearly 16 days in the air. Yard suggested her total carbon emission for these flights was 8,293.54 tonnes.

However, Taylor's team pushed back. While they didn't refute the numbers or the trips, they did take issue with the report suggesting that this was all Swift.

"Taylor's jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals," a rep for the Grammy winner told TMZ. "To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect."

So, according to her team, it's Swift's jet, but she's not always the one on board when it's taking these flights. For the star's camp, this is an important distinction. As Swifties know, the "Shake It Off" singer has been a prominent voice among celebrity environmentalists.

The data used comes from the Twitter account @CelebJets, which tracks the private jets of the stars.

Among the other celebrities who appeared on the Yard list? Kylie Jenner, who came in 19th.

The reality star also recently came under fire for a logged flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys, both in California. That was a 12-minute flight. In her case, though, she posted proof that she was on that flight, the second leg of a connecting flight that lasted a total of 39 minutes in the air.

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