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Addison Rae Hit with Criticism for Wearing 'Blasphemous' Bikini in New Campaign


"why do you gotta disrespect Christianity like that?" a person tweeted.

Addison Rae is in hot water over wearing a religious-themed bikini.

Earlier this week, the TikTok star shared a photo of herself on Instagram that appeared to be an ad for a collaboration between the brand Praying and Adidas. In the image, which has since been deleted, Addison, 21, can be seen wearing a white, triangle bikini top that featured the words "Father" and "Son" on each cup, respectively.

While it's unclear if the actress was wearing the matching bikini bottoms in the photo, according to Praying's website, the bottoms feature the words, "Holy Spirit." The swimwear set, titled "Holy Trinity," retails for $100 and is described as an "Incredible faith powerful healing bikini."

After Addison posted the shot, above, on Instagram, she was hit with backlash, with critics accusing her of being disrespectful to Christianity and calling the photo "blasphemous."

"@whoisaddison why do you gotta disrespect Christianity like that?" a person wrote on Twitter. "You don't disrespect any other religion, just Christianity? And why do you have to create it, @adidas?  Not that I was ever a fan of adidas (or Addison Rae for that matter) but I'll never buy anything from adidas."

"Tiktoker, Addison Rae, advertising for Adidas in a 'Holy Trinity Bikini.' All I'm going to say is -- these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD," another critic tweeted. "Just wait and watch."

"The disrespect… @adidas @whoisaddison I'm honestly so disappointed in y'all…." a user said, while another added, "I woke up this morning and I was immediately hurt & disgusted. @adidas no longer has my support & @whoisaddison should've done better."

Another critic chimed in, tweeting, "y'all don't owe christianity respect, but u also have No right to disrespect it. keep the same attitude for every religion. f--- adidas and f--- addison rae."

According to Page Six, Addison's Instagram post featured comments including, "Nah this disrespectful to Jesus. Sad what y'all do for money," "This is not okay! BLASPHEMY!" and "Is nobody gonna talk about this disrespecting religions."

Addison has yet to comment on the backlash, however, she has since removed it from her Instagram.

Meanwhile, TikTok star Hannah Kosh, who often posts about TikTok news, shared a short video about the criticism, saying that Addison took down the photo "after people said it was disrespectful and blasphemous." More TikTok users weighed in on the controversy in the comments section of Kosh's video.

"In all seriousness. No one on her team was like 'hmm maybe this will upset people. Especially in todays world' 😂 Hire a new team," a person commented. "why did they think this was a good idea🙄😒," another asked, while another TikTok user wrote, "How did she not think 'oh maybe this is disrespectful.'"

TooFab has reached out to reps for Addison as well as Adidas but has yet to hear back.

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